The DMS Podcast

Here you will find all our podcasts with the DMS Executive Team & special guests! DMS Podcast 1 – A podcast? On the internet? Our first crack at recording a podcast! Callum Harvey, Meg Pigram and Alex Mastronardi talk the early days of the University of Wollongong Digital Media Society, Billie Eilish, and starterpacks as…

Upcoming Events:

Looking to meet like minded people interested in digital media? Have some questions to ask the executive team at DMS? Here we are some of our upcoming events: DMS Fortnightly Meetup Tuesday even Weeks – Facebook event & details here – Starts week 2 3:30pm UniBar @ UOW The UOW Digital Media Society will be having…

Talent Pool:

Wanting to build your portfolio? In need of some creative direction? Looking to gain ‘real world’ experience?   Feel free to join our talent pool HERE:  As the UOWDMS Exec team are all students, we understand building your portfolio is daunting and applying the things you learn in class at Uni can be challenging…

Honours – Yay or Nay?

So, the end of your undergraduate BCM degree is fast approaching and you’re not sure what the hell to do with the rest of your life. For most of us, the final semester of university is our first glimpse into the terrifying “real world”, which is wildly different to the institutions we’ve been a part…

How to get an internship in your first year of university

I like to think of internships like dipping your toe in the waters of your potential career; testing the water to see if it’s too hot, or too cold and if it’s okay to swim in. For this reason, internships have long-prevailed as the premium method of acquiring hands-on workplace skills. I feel that exposing yourself to new situations is the best way to learn, although, undertaking unpaid work is a tremendous decision, and it’s not one that should be made lightly.

Project Pitch Do’s and Don’ts

Pitching a project is a core aspect of many BCM classes. Therefore, it is a skill that you will quickly have to master. It can be very difficult to navigate complex marking criteria and produce a compelling and engaging pitch. So, we’ve brought together some BCM veterans to give you the do’s and don’ts of pitching projects.

Balancing life and uni during your first year

The first year of university study can be a daunting one. There’s no question that the switch to online learning and working from home during the current COVID-19 pandemic has further added to the stressors involved with this first year. But not to worry! Below you will find some tips to get you on top of your university work and allow you to do the best that you can under the circumstances.

Where We’re Headed – DMS 2024

In 2019, DMS developed a mid-to-long term development plan to continue our expansion into the future. Creating a community for media students at the University of Wollongong is, and will continue to be, at the heart of everything we do. This document aims to address exactly how we intend to take DMS from a scrappy…

Achieved with DMS

Past Events: DMS Fortnightly Meetup’s The UOW Digital Media Society have been running Unibar meetups fortnightly for the entirety of the Autumn 2019 semester. We saw many people attend to use the time to gain help with their digital artefacts, met new memers, and discussed professional opportunities. Past Workshops: Meme Warfare Seminar – on the…

Upcoming Workshops:

Looking to improve your digital media knowledge or hone in on your skills? Here we are some of our upcoming workshops:   T.B.A