The DMS Podcast

Here you will find all our podcasts with the DMS Executive Team & special guests from 2019!

DMS Podcast 1 – A podcast? On the internet?

Our first crack at recording a podcast! Callum Harvey, Meg Pigram and Alex Mastronardi talk the early days of the University of Wollongong Digital Media Society, Billie Eilish, and starterpacks as memetic framing exercises in Wollongong. Expect a lot of Joe Rogan references.

DMS Podcast 2 – Conspiracy Theory Overtime

Feel like nobody else understands your final week procrastination? Join Alex Mastronardi, Kelsea Latham and Sunny Commandeur as they discuss some of their favourite conspiracy theories, new social media monitoring laws in Australia and overseas, and answer a few questions about life as a Digital Media student at UOW.