First Year Survival Tips

You got this.

Your first year of uni can be hard. Let’s fix that.

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UOW DMS Declassified BCM Survival Guide

Going from high school to university can be very daunting. Luckily, the DMS has your back! This handy little guide gives you everything you need to know about navigating your new degree! We will update this every year.

UOW DMS Fool-Proof Assessment Planner

One of the hardest things about uni is remembering when all of your assessments are due. So, instead of going back and forth between four subject outlines, download our simple planner, and keep all your important dates in one place.

Grab the editable version here.

Advice from other BCM students

We’ve collected the best advice we could find… straight from the horse’s mouth! Browse the advice from BCM students who have been in your shoes about anything from how to make friends to the best WordPress themes to use!

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